Damali Vidot – Mass Alliance

Damali Vidot

Mass Alliance is proud to endorse Damali Vidot into its Rising Stars program. After a victorious campaign in 2015, Vidot is running for reelection to Chelsea’s City Council this year.

A lifelong resident of Chelsea, Vidot has lived experience of what it means to be a citizen of the city. She has been a student in the city’s public schools, a young person navigating the adversities of street culture; and is now a wife, mom, and homeowner.  

Vidot will continue the progress she has made since 2015. She has coordinated meetings between residents and the City Council regarding issues affecting the community. In terms of development, she has met with planning and zoning boards, business and homeowners, as well as public safety officials to understand the implications of the issue from multiple sides. She has also connected residents directly with Planning, Zoning and Economic Development boards to engage them in the city’s long term goals. To Vidot, increasing transparency in government is key in bridging the Chelsea community together. 

Vidot is running because she wants every resident of Chelsea to feel as though they are an integral part of their community. To promote accessibility, she has demanded for things to be explained in a way that the average citizen can digest. She also responds to every single call, text and email that she receives after meetings and is always informing residents on current updates and happenings around Chelsea. Vidot is a passionate and dedicated candidate that has served the community well thus far and will continue to if reelected. 

Donate: https://secure.actblue.com/donate/onechelsea

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