Ben Ewen-Campen – Mass Alliance

Ben Ewen-Campen

Be Ewen-Campen is a Rising Star in the Mass Alliance Rising Stars program, running for Somerville Alderman, Ward 3


Facebook: @BenForWard3Somerville

Contribute: ActBlue/BenForWard3

A progressive voice for Ward 3. Let’s work together for development that truly serves the needs of our diverse community!
I’m running for Somerville Ward 3 Alderman because I want us to work together for development that benefits everyone in our diverse city. There are big changes planned for Union Square, and I want the community to have a strong voice at City Hall.

Ben Ewen-Capen is a long time resident of Union Square and is running for Ward 3 and a active member of the community. He seeks to promote the policy goals of transparency and accountability, to address skyrocketing rent and housing affordability and fair development of Union Square.

He wants and believes he can bring true and driven results for the community to have greater number of affordable housing and a equal benefit of business development to the community and the town. He sees these hopes and plans as a guiding light to improve the lives of the community and bring greater prosperity to the town.