Becca Rausch – Mass Alliance
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Becca Rausch

Becca is a Needham Town Meeting Member, attorney with experience in the public sector and private practice, educator, dedicated community leader and coalition-builder, graduate of the Emerge MA flagship program, union steward, spouse, and parent. She studied American society and histories of injustice and at law school, learned to use the law as a vehicle for social change, believing that meaningful change occurs from working within the system, applying a new perspective or attitude. As an attorney, she developed two areas of legal expertise: health law, so her work would support the delivery of care to those in need, and information and data management and privacy, so her work would protect people from predators and promote efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Becca believes our communities are stronger when progressive social policies are implemented by a transparent and accountable government. She wants to ensure people can take the time they need to care for new babies, sick children, and ailing parents without worrying about losing their jobs or missing needed paychecks. She wants to ensure people can get the health care they need without worrying about the bill. She wants everyone to be able to exercise their right to vote. She wants parents to be able to go to work without having to pay more for daycare than they pay for their mortgages. She wants our young people to be able to get the education they want and deserve. She wants our elders to be able to age in place and with dignity. She wants our environment to be sustainable. She wants the government to be open and accessible, and to spend our tax dollars wisely, not wastefully.

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