Barry Sanders – Mass Alliance

Barry Sanders

Mass Alliance is excited to endorse Barry Sanders into its rising star program. As an incumbent running for reelection, Barry has demonstrated superb leadership and progressive values. 


As a social worker and community leader, Barry has the experience to truly advocate for those in need in city hall. Before being elected in 2017, he worked in the Department of Children and Families and the Department of Mental Health, among many other services to the public. As someone deeply ingrained in Taunton’s civic culture, he has been recognized for his consistent community service and work.


On the city council, Barry has expanded this community work to the municipal government. In his first term, Barry increased government accountability and transparency by requiring public comment at every council meeting. He followed voter’s demands for legally accessible yet responsibly-administered marijuana dispensaries by working with city ordinances to maximize benefits and minimize impacts of the marijuana industry. He has worked to protect the environment by leading a plastic bag ban initiative in the city. He is running for reelection to continue this proven success for another two years.


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